Schedule Food & Drink

A couple appetizers will be provided, everything else can be ordered on your own tab. Limited discount drink tokens ($5 any beer) will also be available. In the interest of full transparency, I put down a $200 deposit for the space, which covers the appetizers and drink tokens.

ATTENTION: this is a family-friendly event, so please consume responsibly :)


Low-top seating tables (arranged in a U-shape around the screen) are reserved for people with hardware during the first hour. We want to minimize cable sprawl, and also need to be extra careful not to spill drinks in these areas. The high-top tables are suitable for food & drink. After projects are set up, feel free to grab any seat.


It seems like a fair amount of people are planning to bring a project to work on, which is awesome!

There will be limited room, so if you're planning to bring a monitor, keyboard, and/or laptop, please use the most compact ones you have available. We might be able to use the venue wifi, but I'm also working on a fallback setup that will hopefully minimize networking issues.

ATTENTION: pre-install the text-mode browser "lynx" so you can accept the terms of the WiFi captive portal

Components for New Builds

Please note that the entire build process is much longer than 3 hours. We will gladly help you begin your journey, and will continue hosting events to provide guidance at all stages of the build process.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out to me through any of the following channels:

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